About Me

“About Me’s” are soooo annoying to write because they remind me of the classic interview question opener: “Tell me about yourself” – What do you want to know? Where I was born? Do I floss daily? Am I Team Captain America or Team Iron Man? I can tell you so many things. I’ll start with the boring basics – I’m Donna James and I live in Houston, Texas.

Anyway. I’m a jumble of passions. This blog started out as a way for me to share my food recipes instead of the tedious task of composing personalized emails for each individual request (not that I don’t love to do so, but time is a precious commodity). Then I started posting about a super sexy topic – the Texas Primary Runoff 2020 Elections. I wanted to inform my fellow millennial friends who are confused about voting and hopefully encourage them to take action… and then I also want to use this platform to share gospel about food activism, food education, & sustainability.

“Donna, just stick to one subject!” you protest.

I hear you. But guess what? This space will keep changing as I learn (or unlearn) ways of thinking and living. If you don’t like the randomosity, you may kindly exit this window and never read my blog again.

Although most of my posts have been food-related, my goal is to be versatile and explore other “lifestyle” topics. I’m constantly evolving as I navigate life with the goal of educating myself on topics that ultimately mature my thinking and approach to situations so that I can be a better person for my friends, family, and the world. My hope is to share the things that inspire me and pieces of my journey with you. If one person can relate to this blog, I’ll feel accomplished.

As a matter of fact, next time you are outside, pause for a second. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Think about the Earth and all 7 billion people on it. Open your eyes. Collectively, we have a wealth of information and we’ve barely scratched the surface. There’s so much to learn from each other, so I hope you pick up a thing or two reading from my ramblings.

What else….? Oh! I do have a full-time day job. It’s hard to describe what I do for a living, but in short, I am a beverage marketing & operations consultant in the hospitality industry – restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. I know – it sounds like a made-up career but I can tell you more about it if you buy me a cup of coffee. I’ll take a Negroni too. Or both.

My hobbies are: cooking, learning about food, pole dancing, taking nice long walks on the beach but only while eating snacks, just eating food in general, taking naps, playing guitar/ukulele/piano while singing out of tune (I’m sure this is my husband’s favorite hobby of mine too), walking around Target, watching documentaries about history and serial killers, crying during cooking shows, and endlessly talking about favorite movies, books, T.V. shows with fellow enthusiasts.

Things I like: friends & family, friends & family with snacks, really rich & mind-stimulating conversations, my cats, cat videos, other animals, things that are yellow, things that smell like cinnamon, things that remind me of cinnamon rolls *drool*, using oxford commas, wine, FRIED CHICKEN, Game of Thrones, ripped jeans, and smelling herbs.

Things I do not like: raisins, raisins in potato salad, raisins in cookies (I could go on), clutter, bra shopping, apple skin, Donald Trump’s orange tan, physical junk mail (why does this still exist), close-minded people, and when people remove Oxford commas when proofing my content.


P.S. This is my cat Pepper (yes I named this blog after her). She has zero interest in human food except for mozzarella cheese (I love her). In this picture, she was probably day dreaming about her next meal (like me).